We are Back again!

Who We Are?

Formerly we known as OrionKit.Com

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What We Do?

  • Joomla Modules
  • Joomla Components
  • Joomla Templates

And Now

  • WordPress Plugins


Attention to all Orion Kit subscribers

We apologize for being out for some time. Domain and site Orion Kit doesn’t exist anymore for some reasons not depending of us. All accounts will be restored as soon as possible
Just be patient.

Contact with Us


    VIVA Pro Kit

    • Getting VIVA Pro Kit you support further development of our product!
    • You will be able to download all Pro plugins which will be released within an year!
    • You have the unique opportunity, to get it for very low price!

    What plugins will be released?

    Now we have the following plugins in development:

    Viva(OSS) Content Cards
    Viva Content Slideshow
    Visual slideshow* with a lot of transitions and effects
    Viva Megamenu
    Visual* menu with drag and drop menu items, icons, submenu description, multi column dropdown, preview images etc
    Viva Pagebuilder
    Visual* pagebuilder with drag and drop elements
    Viva Theme Maker
    Visual* theme maker where you can easily create theme, just dragging and dropping elements, customize design and set elements to display as on all pages as on selected types of pages
    And probably some more...

    * - it means what you can see immediately in preview right in admin dashboard, see as example this demo

    The total price of all these plugins will be $150-200, so get your chance, to get the Kit while it's in development for funny price



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