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OSS Galaxy Demo
Orion Pro Demo
Due to Development Our New component OSS Template Builder Kit, we sell pro templates with incredible discount.
Normal Price is 35$ each.
As a bonus you also do pre order for Component OSS Template Builder Kit Pro, which will be added in the package when will be ready.
Approximately componenent will be ready in a month, two – deadline is the end of the year. The price of the component when it will be ready will be 39-59$.
(Note for Orion Kit Pro subscribers – you don’t need pre order all new extensions will be added in your package automatically, when we restore accounts)

  • OSS Galaxy Pro(click to expand)
    OSS Galaxy is the new generation of templates  – flexible, adaptive with the user-friendly dashboard. You want to have modern or classic template, left or right sidebar, no problem You can drag and drop template elements easily transforming its layout. To change the color theme or image of the header or sections  also easy, just click on the element of template and do changes in a popup  panel.
    The template has 14 preset styles, click the style manager and install ready one, then just change according to your requirements.
    Drag and drop method works in both Free and Pro versions, design customizing in free version is for the template header only.
    To use whole power of template install OSS Galaxy Pro and let your fantasy to fly. The version Lite has limited features, it’s just a way to test template for free, then anytime you can upgrade to Pro just uploading files to template directory replacing existing ones.
    Main Features

    • Draggable Elements
    • Customized design of every element
    • 14 Preset Styles
    • Slideshow and Video Header
    • Sliding Sidebar Panel
    • Built-in modules(Search, Login, Breadcrumbs)
    • Card Style Blog Layouts
    • Simple elements(Email, Phone, Social links etc)
    • And as it’s Long Term Project More Features follow

    Languages Admin Interface Support – En, De, Fr, Es, It, Pt, Ru
    Note: translation made via Google Translate, you understand, that it’s not well enough, and if going to help, write here – it will be very helpful

  • Orion Pro Template(click to expand)


    Main Features

    • WYSIWYG Customizer
    • 3 Width Layouts
    • 3 Sidebar Schemes
    • 6 Top and Bottom sections
    • 10 Icon modules
    • Simple elements(Email, Phone, Social links etc) which can be displayed in different places
    • Top Slider module
    • Header Particles Effect
    • And Much more

    IMPORTANT NOTE – After installation you should open template(Extensions-Templates) at least one time and save. Template should write default parameters in database. Don’t do template default just by clicking icon “Set default” without opening, as it will show an error


OSS Galaxy Video


VIVA Pro Kit

  • Getting VIVA Pro Kit you support further development of our product!
  • You will be able to download all Pro plugins which will be released within an year!
  • You have the unique opportunity, to get it for very low price!

What plugins will be released?

Now we have the following plugins in development:

Viva(OSS) Content Cards
Viva Content Slideshow
Visual slideshow* with a lot of transitions and effects
Viva Megamenu
Visual* menu with drag and drop menu items, icons, submenu description, multi column dropdown, preview images etc
Viva Pagebuilder
Visual* pagebuilder with drag and drop elements
Viva Theme Maker
Visual* theme maker where you can easily create theme, just dragging and dropping elements, customize design and set elements to display as on all pages as on selected types of pages
And probably some more...

* - it means what you can see immediately in preview right in admin dashboard, see as example this demo

The total price of all these plugins will be $150-200, so get your chance, to get the Kit while it's in development for funny price



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